World Fastest Supercomputer Isn’t From The West But China

fastest Supercomputer

The Sunway TaihuLigh is the world fastest Supercomputer and was developed by the Chinese. Although, the Tianhe-2, is the previous world fastest Supercomputer and it’s also credited to China. But unlike the Tianhe-2, the Chinese was able to design all the components of the Sunway TaihuLigh without any foreign input.

Performance and Speed.

According to reports, the Sunway TaihuLight has an estimated peak performance of over 1,000 quadrillion calculations per second. When asked to compare its speed, Yang Guangwen, China’s National Supercomputing Center head said “It would take two million desktop computers working simultaneously for sixty seconds to perform the same calculation the Supercomputer can solve at the same time. Or an estimated number of 7.2 billion people punching the calculator for 32 years”.


The Sunway TaihuLigh was developed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology. And is located at the National Supercomputing Center in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China. The Sunway TaihuLigh was ranked world fastest Supercomputer in November 2016.

Internal Structure

It uses a total of 40,960 Chinese-designed SW26010 manycore, 64-bit RISC processors based on the Sunway architecture. Each processor chip contains 256 processing cores and an additional four auxiliary cores for system management for a total of 10,649,600 CPU cores across the entire system.

The processing cores feature 64 KB of scratchpad memory for data (and 16 KB for instructions) and communicate via a network on a chip, instead of having a traditional cache hierarchy.

The aim of the fastest Supercomputer is to achieve two goals

1. To build a supercomputer program that will improve China’s scientific research capabilities.
2. And also, to build an IT industry that is independent of the west.

What are the uses of Supercomputers

Supercomputers can be used for a variety of ways, which includes: weather forecasting, analyzing oilfields, nuclear weapon design, biological medicine, computer animation, oil exploration, and other specialized purposes.

According to the International Supercomputing Conference record, China has 167 of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.


For now, China is making incredible advances in the development of Supercomputers. Many are of the opinion that a computer with this advanced computing power will rival the human brain processing power at the neural level and would bring significant advancement in technology.

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