Will My Job Be Taken By Robots?

human jobs in the future

Artificial intelligence and robotic technology have in recent years continue on advancement. This has seen the raised to several unanswered questions or not too convincing answer. Like, what is the fate of human jobs in a robotic and artificial intelligence future? Which industry is most likely of losing its human workforce? Will the take over happen suddenly or how much time do human workers have? These are some of the questions begging for answers on what the future holds. If you are among the people seeking answers to these questions to know the possibility of losing your job or what sectors are most at risk. You can now consult a tool that will show you your risk level and the necessary measures before your time has come.

The tool

Created by the duo Dimitar Raykov and Mubashar Iqbal. The tool “willrobotstakemyjob.com” is an amusing web-based app that predicts detailed information about how susceptible your job is to the ever-growing automation and computerization. To know your replacement estimate and automation risk. Just fill in your occupation and the web tool will provide you with the information. Furthermore, It also reveals how safe or doomed you are by the odds of your job becoming outsourced to robots.

To offer such insight, data are sourced from the 2013 report from Oxford University research, entitled “The Future of Employment: How susceptible is jobs to computerization”. The tool also uses statistics from the Bureau of Labor. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the report, for now, is specific to the US job market. Though the same trend will likely follow globally, sooner or later.

The fate of human jobs in the future

Robot taking human jobs is no longer news as more industries are tending to hire more robots in their processes. This is making human workers anxious about what the future holds. Just recently, we have the current one of a Police officer as a robot which was unveiled in Dubai. To know which jobs are more at risks. The web tool has place cashier, retail persons, and cooks at higher risks. While pharmacists, choreographers, and engineers are placed on a safer side.

Although, tools as this is never going to be 100 percent accurate for sure. Notwithstanding, it will help to identify the trends and lets people know where automation efforts are likely to be focused.

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