Will 5G replace 4G?

Will 5G replace 4G

First of all, 5G is not replacing 4G. Not now and probably not ever. Rather, it’s building on top of the existing 4G network. Just like we still have 2G and 3G being use in some parts of the world. Moreover, the concern for 5G was drawn since the new tech is promising a lightning speed.

All the same, do I really need a 5G enabled phone? Yes you do, if you must access a 5G network. But on the question of speed, not really an option. Since you may even experience faster speeds on your 4G as well. This is true, because the rollout of 5G will cause a boost on the 4G network.

Reasons 5G will boost your 4G

There are two reasons 5G will definitely boost your 4G. These are:

  • Dynamic spectrum sharing
  • Carrier aggregation

Dynamic spectrum sharing will allow carriers to employ the same spectrum band for both 5G and 4G. The emergence of 5G will enable 4G lanes to be kept open and available as people transit to 5G. Consequently, resulting to capacity increase and also its speeds.

Carrier aggregation allows network carriers to combine 4G signals with other 4G signals causing a high performance and capacity lift.

Moreover, the 5G network is for sure, a game change. A lot of things will be done at ease. This will certainly aid improvement on new and emerging technologies, such as self-driving cars, virtual reality (VR), drones, internet of things (IoT) and more. To know more about the impact 5G would bring, check it out here.

Some 5G myths and questions answered

5G myths answered

Will 5G consume more data and quicker?

Definitely yes, since it’s averagely or even more than 20 times faster than 4G with seamless connectivity. Also, by using 5G you should expect to pay more for it.

Will 5G be spread out and readily available in a short time?

For a truth, 5G is popular and making the rounds on media all over the world. Moreover, popularity doesn’t equate availability. Even though we have many OEM now building 5G protocol in their devices. It still will not make it available everywhere just yet.

Its infrastructure needs to be in place before it can be accessed. But still, 5G will not be easily adopted and found everywhere like the emergence of 3G. 5G is costly and it need a whole new set of infrastructure to be deployed before usage.

Will the digital divide be closed by 5G

Probably not. 5G would required its own infrastructure which would cost a lot of money. Notwithstanding, a lot of places still don’t have access to the internet or 3G, let alone seeking for 5G coverage.

In the United States or UK for example, 5G can be accessed by a few selected places for now. The aim of 5G is never to close the digital divide gap or replace 4G. But to be used in pushing the internet to achieve more in emerging technologies.

Will 5G improve my streaming video quality

Not exactly. 5G will only render media contents to you, just as it is but faster and lags free. By the way, the quality of a video depends solely on the streaming service provider.

So, if a streaming video is available in an ultra high-definition, you will get it as so. But if its highest available streaming resolution is standard definition, you don’t expect to access it in higher resolution using 5G.

Is 5G safe

One concern people have about 5G is the question of “how safe is the network’s radio frequency?” Although, a 2011 World Health Organization report suggested that cellphone radiation should be listed as “likely to cause cancer”.

That was a report from some years ago and up till now, people still assumed it to be true. But mind you, research is still ongoing and it isn’t yet a stated fact nor proven. There should be no cause for alarm, for now. If really it’s that hazardous, we wouldn’t have network mash on top some choice penthouses.


Hence, 5G will definitely not replace 4G. Although, it’s truly set to revolutionize the way we connect to the internet and how services are render. Its potentials present a lot of exciting opportunities for new technologies and capabilities. Nevertheless, 5G is still in its infancy as its infrastructure is still being built.

Still, there’re big challenges to overcome and these will hinder 5G to be readily available worldwide in a short time. Even after coming out fully, 5G is certainly not going to replace 4G.

In all, 5G is great but regular mobile phone users do not really need such a high speeds for their daily use. And they also shouldn’t use 5G as a yardstick for buying their next phone.

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