Why You Should Use a Proxy Server

Should I use a proxy server

The internet is sure a fun and educative place to be. But most noteworthy it’s also a den of looming threats for various vices such as identity theft, phishing, impersonation, etc. In all this, can I be safe by using a proxy server? If you’re concern about your security and privacy online, yes you should use one. A proxy server has a lot of advantages and not using one might cause you danger or restrictions to some content. Before going into details on why you should use one, let first of all understand what really a proxy server is.

What is a proxy server?

In simple terms, a proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. That is to say, proxy simply means “substitute” something acting in place of you. This it does by assuming you and acting on your behalf while using the internet. Its purpose is to mask your identity by hiding your IP address. An IP address is a user unique identity on the internet which tells details like your location. Some contents and services can be restricted from you simply because of your location. Nonetheless using a proxy server can grant you passage and access to what you need even if you’re restricted. The proxy server will act on your behalf to requests these services or visits the websites using its own IP instead of yours. As well as getting the data and then relays it back to you without you exposing your identity.

Why I should use a proxy server

They are several reasons justifiable in which you would want to use a proxy server:

Personal uses

Your identity can be hidden and you can go anywhere and be safe. This can prevent websites from knowing your true location and restrictions lifted if your country is ban from accessing such websites. For example, most of WWE Network contents are ban outside the United States but as a wrestling fan, you can access it using a proxy server which uses an American IP address. Notwithstanding, pro wrestling can be watch online without cable.

Share internet connection

In a home or a small office with multiple computers and internet-enabled gadgets that would want to share a single internet connection. Using a proxy server can accomplish this. By a simple connection to the LAN, the internet can be shared among the various devices.

Business uses

Proxy servers help to make requests for you by acting on your behalf. As such, it monitors connections and requests done on the internet. A business or corporation can make use of it to monitor and keep track of what their employees surf online. Furthermore, things can be put in order by blacklisting any site the business wouldn’t want its employees to visit.

For speed

Speed is also an added advantage while using a proxy server. By this, commonly visited sites will take a quicker time to load and fast in delivery its resources to you.

To implement control

It can be used to control how your kids or wards surf the internet. By restricting the kind of sites permitted for them to visit or the amount of bandwidth they can use. This also can be applied in a business setting by restricting how employees spend time on the internet or the websites they are not allowed to visit.

Proxy server risks

You should be cautious when you chose to use a proxy server. The risk is greater when you use a free proxy server. Since you are not paying for the service, they could actually use you to make money without your consent. Although you might have reasons to use one and if you do. Always never give out personal information and never do any financial transactions while using one.

Final words

Above all, proxy servers are great if you are concern about your privacy online. Though it also has some limitation as your ISP can also view your logs and the sites you used the service to visit can be reviewed as well. But if you would want even a better and more privacy, then you should use a VPN.

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