Why Become a Computer Coder

computer coder

Just like every thought provoking question people usually ask themselves before they choose a career or skill.

why become a computer coder or what are the benefits of coding

Computers as machines are not nearly as smart as humans. For it to succeed at the tasks we’ve assigned them, they need us humans to give them extremely detailed instructions. That means coding.

computer coder

Coding is “the new literacy” for it isn’t just some niche skill.

Coding is the literacy of the 21st century, time will come when the question “are you a computer literate” will literary mean “can you code a computer”  —Anonymous

“It’s the essential 21st century skill that every ambitious person needs to learn if they want to succeed. Like reading was in the 12th century, writing in the 16th century, arithmetic in the 18th century, and driving a car was in the 20th century.

And just like how not everyone who learns to write will go on to become a professional writer — nor everyone who learns arithmetic will go on to become a professional mathematician — also, not everyone who learns to code will go on to become a software developer. But all people who learn these things will be immensely better off as a result of their efforts” credit – Quincy Larson

Everything is going automation. You can’t stop technology, you can only adapt to it. If your day to day task is kind of repetitive like that of a factory job you are at higher risk.

Benefits of becoming a computer coder

They are lot of benefits and bullet below are but a few points which proved why.

  • It helps you to understand working of computers and understand its Machine level operations.
  • It helps to improve your decision making ability.
  • You can develop customized applications for yourself or for others.
  • It also helps you to develop your own logic.
  • Coding languages are more or less the same. So, effective study of one of the programming language helps you to work on different programming languages.
  • Above all, you’ll become smarter and indispensable.

There are tons of great free resources to get started learning to code.

You can start with w3schools, freecodecamp, codeacedemy, linda, udacity etc. Just to mention a few. Some you’ll get the courses free or at low cost but it’s definitely worth a skill to have.

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