What Your Business Website Needs to Gain and Retain Customers

Business website needs

A business website would need more than a regular web presence in order to rank shoulder with its competition. The importance of having a solid website for your small business is difficult to overstate. Not only does it help you to maintain control of your brand’s online perception. It will also help you to attract new customers and retain current ones, which ultimately means more sales. Plus, a professional-grade website goes a long way in building credibility among consumers.

With that said, it’s not enough to have a generic, bare bones website. Yes, you want an element of simplicity and for your site to be easy to use. Moreover, you also want it to be unique and ensure that it provides your customers with an exceptional experience. Essentially, your website should inspire customers to choose your business over your competition. In order for that to happen, you will want to make sure your site offers these features.


First of all, your website needs to look great. On average, customers decide whether they like your site (and whether they will stay) in about 0.05 seconds after the first page loads. Needless to say, your site should look really good and professional. It should catch the eye without being obnoxious.

A lot of this comes down to basic design factors, such as using grids, two or three colors, clear typography, and ample white space. Nonetheless, the overall theme of your site should fit your company’s brand and products/services.

Ease of Use

Along with looking good, your website should be easy to use. Make sure you have the proper coding to quickly load pages. Also, navigation should be straightforward; provide a common menu on all pages, and minimize the number of clicks to move from one part to another.

Furthermore, if you sell items on your website, the checkout process should be quick and simple. However, the checkout page also needs to be fully optimized. Don’t make customers jump through a bunch of hoops to sign up or sign in before they can purchase a product. Also, your website should accept card payments and other online payment methods.

Automated Transcription

Any audio or video content on your website should have transcripts available. This will allow users who are hearing-impaired to read the content. You can opt for transcribing the content yourself. But it’s important to know that it likely won’t save you any money. In fact, transcription takes a lot of time, which can end up costing you money since you could use that time working on other aspects of the business. Instead, consider a service like Rev, which will provide you with automated transcripts within minutes.

Quality Content

It’s essential to have quality content on your website. Providing a blog page with helpful information about your industry can encourage customers to keep coming back. Which also can build your reputation as an industry leader. Creating high-quality videos to promote your brand and products can also add a considerable touch of professionalism to your business. Notwithstanding, adding good quality photos and descriptions of your products will create good impression to your customers. Just like transcriptions, these tasks can take time and are best handled by an experienced professional.

Links to Social Media

Finally, embracing social media is and will be critical to the success of any business for the foreseeable future. Be sure to link to all your social media accounts from your website. This is best done by including widgets that appear on every page of your site. Likewise, use social media to showcase your content and direct traffic to your website.

Maintaining a professional website is paramount for doing business in the 21st century. Make sure your site is attractive and easy-to-use, and include transcriptions, quality content, and social media links. Investing the time and money into a top-notch website can do wonders in growing your customer base and establishing your authority in the industry.

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