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Facebook Whale

The new Facebook meme-creation app “Whale” was quietly released last week. For now, the app is available only on the Canadian App Store and it’s not yet officially stated when it’ll be available worldwide. Or maybe it’ll creep out soon unnoticed just like it did unto the Canadian App Store with no fanfare.

However, Whale will help you edit your own photos as a meme and allow you share it on social media.

Facebook Whale Creators

Facebook Whale Creators

The Whale app was confirmed to be developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE).

The separate brand name NPE is Facebook new experimental apps team. A team with sole purpose of developing apps by discovering new features and services that users may like. The NPE which was setup earlier this year already has two other apps Bump and Aux credited to its name. NPE will continue to role out more experimental apps that test users interest. Whereas, any app created that doesn’t meet up users engagement will be dropped.

The Whale’s goal is an attempt at capturing the attention of a younger audience thrilled by photo turning apps.

How to use Whale

How to use Whale

To create a meme. Take a photo using Whale or select a picture from your camera roll. Also, you can simply browse the app’s library of stock images of your choice to create a meme with any. Customize your selected image as you would like. This you can do by adding text, emojis, effects, and filters like bulge, laser eyes, vortex or any others as you would prefer.

Whale also would allow you to create your own image stickers using its crop and cut tools. While if you’re artistic, you can make use of its freeform drawing tool to achieve more customization.

Nevertheless, Facebook Whale isn’t all that original, there are overplus of image-editing apps on the App Store today having same features. But even with its similarity feature sets with other image-editing apps. Whale is free to use and doesn’t come with in-app purchases or subscriptions, for now.

Whale’s Controversy

A lot of people have criticize Facebook’s Whale as a copy of TikTok (the video-focused social media platform) which is popular among younger users. Recently, TikTok has become a popular source of meme to its young users as it spread through other social media services. Just like Facebook, TikTok has also had its share of criticism. This also has drawn even the attention of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg over the app’s censorship of criticism of the Chinese government.

Notwithstanding, people are accusing Facebook of using the success of TikTok in creating a new app to capture a vibrant younger users.

Whale is Facebook’s NPE latest app on its experimental list. Becoming Facebook new entry into its launched or brought apps over the years. This has put Whale to join the list of Notify, Poke, Moments, Slingshot, Tbh, Moves, and Hello. Just like the others; either launched or bought, Whale is an experimentation and it’s likely to go big or be dropped.

Get the app: Whale (Canadian residents for now).

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