Turn Your Phone Into An Android’s Linux Command Interface

Android's Linux Command

If you would like to be seen as a geek and have people confused anytime they picked up your phone without your authorization. Then, having the Android’s Linux Command Launcher on your phone would do you the good.

Available for free in the app store, the Linux CLI Launcher is an unusual app launcher that turns your regular Android phone into a full-fledged command line interface. It replaces the standard icon-based interface with command lines just like the Linux terminal. Your phone normal activities like basic operations and launching of apps would now be done by typing out commands.

Why chose an Android’s Linux Command launcher

Having a full-flagged Linux terminal environment on an Android Phone is an interesting feat. For it uses a terminal-style interface command to control basically everything. You simply have the ability to call, text or manage your contacts using a short command.

Besides supporting some basic GNU/Linux commands, the application offers you the ability to create handy ‘aliases’ and running your favorite applications or games are effortless. In Addition, it comes with built-in suggestions to help you compose commands in the proper format.


Having an Android’s Linux Command Launcher on your phone is cool, but for those who don’t like things geeky or complicated, probably shouldn’t download the launcher, for it just a text-based means of interacting with your phone. The general concept is that all functions are done manually. For example, to uninstall an app? You will need to write the command “UNINSTALL [app]”. Want to send a text? Use “SMS [contact][text]”.

There are plenty of commands for everything you may want to do with your phone. It’s a neat way to practice your Linux commands and geek out and once you mastered the learning curve, everything else will fall into place.

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