Robot Cop Begins Duty On The Street Of Dubai

robot cop

Robots were long used as warehouse machinery but having them as cops can only be imagined in a science-fiction movie. Although this is gradually changing as Robot are now being used in almost every industry. Nevertheless, it has always been a controversy having robots walking around our city as police officers. Not until recently, technology use in security is being reshaped in the desert city of Dubai. This has prompt their quest to be at the forefront and make technology an integral part of security and has led to the deployment of the world’s first Robot Cop. This new breed of cops can be seen on the street of Dubai doing its work as a police officer. The machines are now part of the Emirates’ planned Robot police force that was unveiled at the three-day long Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference held in Dubai.

Physical Features of the Robot Cop

The Robot cop measuring 5.5ft tall robot has a humanoid look from the waist up, with two arms, a head, and two eyes. Also on its head, is a police cap to match its cop look. Although, the bottom half makes it obvious to its current technology limit. Instead of legs, the Dubai Robot cop has wheels which it uses for mobility and roll around. But as we all know, technology is a continuous process for improvement. And this limitation will be overcome in the near future.

robot cop

Functions of the Robot Cop

As stated, the Robot cop is not designed to deter serious crime nor equipped to chase down suspects. Its purpose is to be used by people in the mall or on the street to perform simple tasks; which are reporting of crimes, pay fines, and ask questions. This can be done by using a tablet lodged on its chest. The Robot Cop can also salute, bow, speak in multiple languages, and recognize hand gestures from up to 1.5meters away. It has two eyes that are actually cameras. Its eyes can be used to scan a crowd for wanted individuals using facial recognition technology. And once it detects someone who is wanted by the police, it can stream video directly to officers who then do all the leg work.


Having a new set of law enforcement agents as Robot will pose some questions and controversies. Some people are of the question that; ain’t robot as police officers would be too ruthless and will lack emotions in dealing with humans? Nevertheless, the new robotic cop might not be able to arrest anyone yet. But it can make it easier for police to spot those who may run afoul of the law. And with the fast pace in technology improvement, it wouldn’t be too long until we have fully functional, two-legged Robot cops chasing suspects around.

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