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Jogging fun apps

Jogging has become a regular exercise by people wanting to get fit. Although, it’s not always exciting since there isn’t much variety to the act. You just put yourself in your sweatpants, put on your trainers and hit the road. Sometimes we see people or we do ourselves, trying to spice up the run and get it interesting. This we do by putting on our headphones and listen to music, podcast or audiobook. But even at that, it’s still difficult keeping ourselves entertain while jogging.

Don’t get bored or worn out with the same activity over and over again. Now, you can spice up your jogging time with fun. Thankfully, technology is at the rescue again. There are great apps that can get your running or jogging session more fun. Having your running time gamify or interactive will give you that thrill. In no particular order, here are the best apps that can give you the spice and fun while jogging.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is fairly basic and also has an easy-to-use attractive interface. The app can help you track your achievements from your longest, farthest, and fastest runs. Moreover, you can unlock milestone with total miles logged. This will also show you a visual representation of all of your favorite routes.

Nike+ Run Club is just that app to keep your running fun and interactive. The app can also let you sync your Facebook account and have your run posted on your wall each time you hit the road. Also, if your run is liked or a comment is dropped by your friends, you’ll hear the roar of a crowd. This will occur in real-time, just to cheer you up and increase your running zeal. There’s also another option if you do not like being loud about your run time. You can get applauded privately by a host of famous athletes in pre-recorded messages whenever you reached a personal feat.

Get Nike+ Run Club: Android, iOS.

Zombies, Run!

Zombie, Run!

If you would want a game adventure to spice up your run time, then Zombies, Run! is a sure app for the thrill. Zombies, Run! makes you feel the thrill of a zombie attack virtually. The goal of the game is to reach the safe house, collecting supplies as you go. To begin, you select a mission. With each mission having a different distance and speed. Your job is to keep up the defined pace in order to escape the roaming zombies on your tail. The whole thrills happen in your headphones with radio messages from story narration, team members, a dramatic score, and the screams of zombies when you slow down. The app is sure a fun game time as you run. While you progress, they are added supplies scattered across the route to your destination. And you can also view your statistics and progress on a map.

Get Zombies, Run!: Android, iOS.

Run An Empire

Run An Empire

Run An Empire is a fun, free motivation game to run further. Its main objective is to grow your empire and capture local areas. This you do by competing against your virtual neighbors with every step you take and build a formidable empire on your conquered land. What do you do with your empire? You explore, deploy warriors, hire workers and earn great fortunes. All these you can achieve by walking, jogging, or running. You simply can start from a stone-age hunting camp and progress to a space-age by building your empire.

Features of Run An Empire includes:

  • Conquer and own your street, neighborhood, and city as you travel on foot.
  • Build a vast settlement on the virtual-world territory that you own.
  • Design your own customized banner as a feudal lord and fly it over your mighty empire.
  • Track and map every run using your phone’s GPS from your pocket.

Run An Empire is indeed among the top best fun jogging apps out there for free.

Get Run An Empire: Android, iOS.


jogging fun apps: StepBet

If you wanna have more at stake, StepBet is the app which rewards you for staying active. The app brings the concept of betting real money to your workouts. Having something at stake will definitely increase your dedication and motivate you to run more. StepBet hosts community-driven competitions containing fitness challenges. Spend the minimum amount and you’re allowed to participate. When the challenge is over, the pot is split equally among the participants who completed their goals. However, losers will have to say goodbye to their bet money. Most noteworthy, StepBet relies on third-party sources for its tracking engine including Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Garmin.

How StepBet works

  • Download StepBet app.
  • Select your source (Fitbit, Google Fit, Garmin, Samsung Health etc).
  • Find a game, place a bet into the game’s pot and join.
  • Walk, jog, run and stay active to hit your fitness goals every week of the game.
  • Win and get your split of the pot with other winners.

By committing real money and getting in a competition, you’ll find unparalleled motivation in reaching your fitness goals with StepBet.

Get StepBet: Android, iOS.

Charity Miles

jogging fun apps: Charity Miles

Run for a purpose beyond fitness with the Charity Miles app. Join the community where you can earn money for charity when you walk, jog, run, or bike. Anyone can use Charity Miles, anywhere. Which could be by just walking your dog, morning jog, or just go for a stroll. Moreover, when you move with a purpose, you’ll be inspired to go the extra mile. Charity Miles will encourage you to get more out of your runs. You will get fit and also support a cause without spending a dime yourself. Charity Miles is backed by a series of sponsors with over 40 available charities. Get fit and earned more real-world money which you can donate to a charity of your choice.

Get Charity Mile: Android, iOS.

Bonus: Apps to make your jogging more fun

Spotify: Your Running Mix

Spotify: Your Running Mix

If you’re a die-hard ardent listener of music while you jog, then get “Your Running Mix” by Spotify. Spotify is still the top music-streaming app online. Your Running Mix playlist is fully responsive and constantly changing. Music is pulled from a custom playlist based on your favorite songs and does go one step further. Your Running Mix syncing the beats-per-minute of each song to match the pace of your run.

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