Introducing the Google Play Pass subscription

Google Play Pass Subscription
Credit: Google Play Pass

Are you a lover of mobile games but hate it when you see ads or in-app purchases? Certainly, everybody hates that, including you. At such, there isn’t much you can do about it. You either pay for the app or have ads flashed at you constantly. Developers still have to make something for their work or don’t you agree? However, there is a choice now. The newly launched Google Play Pass subscription will give you an option. Although, not still free but a better choice you might prefer. So, what exactly is this new Google Play Pass subscription?

Credit: Google Play Pass

The Google Play Pass Subscription

The new Google Play Pass subscription can be liken to the recently launched Apple Arcade but with some distinct features. Unlike Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass isn’t limited to just games but including some cool apps such as Facetune and AccuWeather. Games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Stardew Valley, Risk, Terraria and Monument Valley are already listed.

Once subscribed, you can have access to over 350 games and apps without ads or in-app purchases. Also, Google has promised the addiction of new games and apps each month.

The subscription is aimed at offering you a good service for a little fee of $4.99 same as Apple Arcade. Furthermore, on your first year as a subscriber, the service would cost you a lesser fee of $1.99 per month. A good bargain I guess.

That’s not all. If you’d like to try out the service but wouldn’t want to pay yet or just wanna have a feel. Google is granting users a free 10 days trial which you can take advantage of and have an experience of the service.

Google Play Pass compatability

Play Pass will be compatible with Android mobile, tablet devices, and laptops with Play Store version 16.6.25 and above. The least Android version for the service is 4.4. More information on this can be accessed on Google’s Play Pass FAQ.

Note: upon launch, all apps and games included in Google Play Pass and available on the Play Store will continue to be available as stand-alone purchase. Moreover, stand-alone apps can still be purchase independently or if installed free, you would expect ads and in-app purchases.

This simply means, every app still remain as it is in the Play Store. But subscribing to the Google Play Pass will give you premium access to its listed apps free of ads or in-app purchases.

Most noteworthy, you also have the privilege to share your Google Play Pass subscription with up to five family members or friends. The service also integrate Google’s parental controls for the Play Store, which you can implement on your subscription.

How do I get my app included?

The program is “invite only” says Google. But in due time, Google will put up a web form where developers can apply to have their apps included. If you do not get an invite from Google, you still can apply for it.

How would developers benefit?

Developers will definitely make money for having their app or game listed on Google Play Pass. The amount of user’s engagement with an app would determine its revenue from Google. This would still fall back to another of Google’s algorithm, which the company hasn’t fully reviewed much on, yet.

Do developers need upgrade their app for Google Play Pass?

Certainly not, provided an app uses Google’s standard API for ads and in-app purchase, it would be a simple switch-over. Importantly, developers wouldn’t need to provide two versions of their app to the Play Store.

Availability and access

Play Pass will first be available for the U.S market this week while availability for other countries will follow shortly. The service can be signed up by using any of the accepted payment methods on Google Play including your Play credits.

Hence, subscription services are actually becoming the new vogue. From Netflix to Apple and now Google, everyone is going with the trend. In all, users will have the chance to explore and get more value for their money.

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