Intel announces Core X line of high-end processors and release date

core i9

Good news for computer enthusiasts as Intel announces its new family of “Core X-Series” chips at Computex 2017 on Monday August 7th. The 12- to 18-core processors will be aiming at the high-end desktop market and also, will be offering more power and speed.

Availability of the core i9 chips

Coming into the market with four powerful core chips and the release date was announced as follow:
The 12-core launches August 28th, 2017. While the 14-, 16-, and 18-core will be ship on September 25th, 2017.

Although, the shipping date was earlier announced to be in October for the 18-core Core i9-7980XE. But with the pressing need for the chip in the market, it is coming earlier than expected.

Its speed and performance

When it comes to system processor power, speed is all that matters. Intel also announces that all of the clock speeds of the Core X series family are all unlocked and also ready to be overclocked.
Here’s a summery of the core counts and speeds of the new Core X family.

  • Core i9-7980XE (18 cores, 36 threads): 2.6GHz; Boost, 4.2GHz to 4.4 GHz
  • Core i9-7960X (16 cores, 32 threads): 2.8GHz; Boost, 4.2GHz to 4.4 GHz
  • Core i9-7940X (14 cores, 28 threads): 3.1GHz; Boost: 4.3GHz to 4.4GHz
  • Core i9-7920X (12 cores, 24 threads): 2.9-GHz; Boost: 4.3-GHz to 4.4GHz

The cost of the chip

The Core i9 is not coming in cheap. The chips will be priced from $999 to $1999. The most expensive will be the Extreme Edition (Core i9-7980XE) offering the best performance at the highest price for $1,999.

Who needs the new chip

With the high price tag placed on the new core family, these chips aren’t for everyone. You don’t just need 18 cores and 36 threads unless you’re doing resource-intensive multitasking such as video, gaming, virtual reality, content creation, overclocking etc.

Final Words

The Core i9 is finally here and it’s a dreamboat, faster and cheaper processor than its previous Intel’s 10-core chip. If you think you have what it takes and need it performance speed don’t hesitate and go for it already.

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