How to take your selfie the best way

Take your selfie the best way

There’s an art to all things done well. If you would like to take your selfie the best way, then you need to know the art of getting it perfect. By art, it means the right skill and knowledge of taking a perfect selfie. According to study, millennials are more prone to taking selfies and are expected to snap more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Although, other age brackets are not left out, as we have the elderly fast embracing the selfie culture.

Selfie the best way

In as much almost everyone is involved in taking selfie, then there’s the need to getting it right.

Reasons why you should know how to take your selfie the best way

A good selfie skill might not save the world from global warming but it can come in handy for a good memory. For some good reasons, you might bump into an old friend or a favorite celebrity and a selfie would be needed. What about you did have it with them but it turns out awful because you never knew how to get a great shot. Or you are a social media addict, craving for more popularity. You can attract more followers by showing them a fine and quality selfie of you always.

There’s an art of taking the best selfie whenever you stand to strike a pose. This article will give you insight on taking your selfie the best and professional way each time. Moreover, keep these tips in mind when next you are to capture that perfect selfie.

Get a good quality camera smartphone

Quality smartphone camera

The first step to take in getting your selfie the best way is by using a good quality camera smartphone. The quality of your camera can make a huge difference in how your pic turns out. This is because not all cameras are of the same quality and build. Moreover, the older or cheaper your device, the less likely to have a good quality picture. However, if you are really a selfie freak, you should be so concern about your camera quality. Also, when next you are to pick a new phone, you should highly consider the quality of the front and back camera.

Good lighting

If a good camera is the first step in getting a quality picture, then lighting would set the mood right. Lighting is actually what’ll make your selfie look good or bad anytime or day. Moreover, trying to take a pic under direct sunny light would not give you a perfect shot. This is also applicable to a room with a dim light. To get the perfect shot, your lighting should be of average brightness, like on a cloudy day. Also, try this in an indoor setting and learn which corner has that great tune of light to appear all natural.

Put on a good look

If you wanna have your selfie the best way? Then, make yourself look good for the camera by making sure you are groomed and selfie-ready. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put on all the expensive clothes and jewelry but have a nice and clean appearance.

Add a charming smile

Charming smile

To have a charming selfie, then put on a smile. A soft, tender charming smile can melt the heart of an admirer. Although, other times, there’s the need to go with a straight face. But if you want a charming and attractive pic, then put on a smiling face. And above all, don’t force a smile. Make it all natural and sincere.

Look up your camera lens

Look the camera lens

By looking at your camera lens, it will also build charm for you. For it will create eye contact with whoever stares at your pic and leave that charming feeling.

Try different angles and expressions

Just like having the right lighting in place, finding the right angle should be considered also. You can do this by moving your device about and try several poses and facial expressions. Mix things up and don’t let your selfies all look the same and boring.
Hints: you can use a mirror for this or you just snap as many you could along by:

  • Tilting and trying both sides of your face.
  • Try the same for your shoulders.
  • Also, raise your arm slightly to take your pic from an elevated position.
  • Try your chin slightly down and the camera slightly up.
  • Try a little pout.
  • Give different expressions and snap; try frowning, sticking out tongue, winking, surprised look or bite your tongue as you wink.

Keep up with current trends

selfie the best way

The selfie like every other thing evolves. So always endeavor to keep to current trends. You can know this by checking other people selfies on social media and see what now in vogue. Then, go on and try the latest trend with your styles.

Don’t do too much editing and filters

Upon having your selfies ready on your phone. Don’t be tempted to apply too much filters or editing just to make it prettier. Although, if you wish to edit or add a cool filter, do make it bare minimum. People easily get irritated with too much-added effects on a photo. The rule of thumb here is to try and always make your selfie as natural looking as possible.

Get a selfie app

Getting all set to upload to social media, then you might need some fine tuning. There are tons of apps that can fine-tune your selfie for you. With features and editing options that give your selfie something extra. But in all, always don’t apply too much. Sometimes, less is more and don’t always let things fall out of being natural. Get a good app to achieve this. You can try the Sweet Selfie app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Get the app: Android, iOS

Take your selfie the best way everytime

selfie the best way

In all, these are not rules but just guidelines in helping you get your selfie the best way. Also, you do not necessarily need to implement it all in every selfie you take. But just to point it right and have you check for some factors and consideration in getting your selfie out nice and perfect.

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