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Nowadays people often appear to be what they are not but by running a background check, you can know better. Dirt can be easily dug out on anyone by using the internet. You may ask, why should I dig to find out details about a person’s background or who they really are? Although, there are good and bad reasons for running a background check on anyone. For the good reasons which are justifiable. You might want to know more about a new business partner before you continue with your proposed business dealings. Or run a background check on an employee, political opponent, would-be spouse, the new neighbor, etc. Also, you can run a check on your kids to know what the internet has to say about them while they are far away in college or living in another city.

However, before trying to dig some dirt on your mom’s new boyfriend. You too must first run a scan on your own background and see what others might also dig out on you. Mind you, the internet is a treasure trove of personal information. Moreover, by having the right tools or where to search for anything, you will be marveled on your findings. In all, here’s how to run a full background check on anyone just like a paid private investigator would do.

Start off with a Search Engines

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The first point of call to run a background check is by using a search engine. Google or any other good search engine can easily do this for you. Taking Google as an example, the search engine can pull up a ton of information, provided you have some relevant information. This information might be just your target full name and some personal details. To run the check, isolate search terms by putting the name in the search bar using quotation marks e.g. “James Bradley”. Although, this will pull out a lot of information from anyone bearing that name and that would be massive. Narrow down your search by adding a job, city of residence, school attended or any other information you have. Thus, the more specific you can be, the more relevant your search result will turn out.

Using social network

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Social media is the hives of people’s personality traits. Entirely different from a search engine result, social media provides personal information shared by your target. The information provided might not entirely be concrete though. But by digging deep into their cycle of friends, hobbies, comments, and what they follow on the network. You can read in-between the lines on hints and insight about their personality. The places to run your checks are:



Facebook is simply your first stop to dig deep on your target. Although, a Facebook profile can be set to public or private. If the profile is public, then you can search easily by entering your target’s name and email address. Or narrow the search down by including education, workplace, and location. However, if it’s a private profile, your target might not appear in search results. Though Facebook privacy differs, some information may be public while some hidden or nothing can be seen at all. With such a limitation, you can use a different approach. Fall back to Google and run a search within Facebook using the search engine. To do this, a simple search by typing “site:facebook.com ‘James Bradley'” will pull up content from James Bradley profile on Facebook.



Twitter though not as robust as Facebook in getting personal information of your target but useful all the same. Lacking a more in-depth filtering mechanism like other social networking sites, you can still search by username or tweets. These you can use to get your target’s personality and interest to the tweets and people they follow. And just like the method we used in searching a Facebook private profile. Same can be applied to Twitter and uncover a lot about your target.



As personal data is to Facebook so are pictures to Instagram. And as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your check on Instagram is to view your target’s picture story, places they have been and who they fancy and follow. Instagram really won’t give you much but by viewing pictures of your target, you can use your intuition to gather information on them.



Linkedin is a unique social media on its own. If your target is on Linkedin, good. You can run a check here to get personal information to use on other social networks. You can get their full names, work history, hobbies and more.

Dig on criminal databases

Most of our motives to run a background check are centered on knowing if our targets are criminals. Just like the new babysitter financial background would not mean anything to us compared to if they have had any past criminal record. By using the website CriminalSearches you are allowed to perform an intense criminal background check on anyone online. Although, the service doesn’t come free but sure worth it. CriminalSearches is easy to navigate and lookup criminal offenders by name, age, location, etc. Its search results are in-depth and outline everything from violent crimes and sex-related offenses to behavioral issues and other offenses.

Scan public records

The internet has made public records easily accessible. Moreover, some information remains confidential but a lot of public records can still be gotten from organizations and government websites. Notable to mention is SearchSystems which is an impressive and reliable starting point to run a check on national or international public records. Also, NETROnline is another great resource place too.

Look at financial history

Your background check is not complete by not running a financial history check on your target since most crimes are financially motivated. Credit cards records are easy giveaways and they can make or break your financial desires. You can run a free check on credit report websites or for a small fee depending on the service. Innovis and Annual Credit Report are good places to run your check.

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