How to protect your android device from Ghost Push Virus

Ghost Push is a family of malware that infects the Android O.S by automatically gaining root access and taking control of your device, downloading malicious software, masquerading as a system app, which then makes it virtually impossible to remove the infection even by trying to uninstall it. The malware hogs all the system resources, making the phone unresponsive and draining the battery.

It effect on your phone

Ghost Push takes advantage of your cellphone traffic to make money, it main aim is to display unwanted ads and install infected apps on your device, this is as a result of mobile app companies wanting to make sure that their apps have high number of installs and positive reviews. After successfully exploiting your device to gain root access, Ghost Push will hijack your Google play store account in order to download apps silently and then rate them.


How to protect yourself from Ghost Push.

If your device has not yet been infected, you really need to protect it from Ghost Push. You can follow the instructions listed below to keep your android device from becoming infected.

1. Install a good antivirus on your smartphone. It will detect and protect you from Ghost Push.

2. Try to avoid buying budget or used smartphones but instead, buy a new device from a trusted and well known brand, to ensure your mobile’s Android operating system is up-to-date.

3. Only download app from Google Play store.

4. Always verify any links that were sent to you via sms, email or chat, to make sure they are safe.


How to Remove Ghost Push Virus from your Infectious Android Device

Oh no! your device has the virus, don’t get panic, you can still be able to get rid of it by doing the following

1. Boot your android phone into safe mode: The first step is to boot your infectious android phone into safe mode by getting the power options menu to appear. You can do this by long-pressing the power button until you see the power options menu popping up.


2. Locate the Power Off option and long-press it until you can see the words ‘Reboot to Safe Mode.’ then, click OK option to continue.

3. After that, wait for booting into Safe Mode. If you are now in safe mode, you can see ‘Safe Mode’ at the left bottom corner of your screen.

4. After accessing to safe mode, go to the settings screen and you need to uninstall all potential malicious apps associated with the Ghost Push virus. Access to the settings screen and tap Apps option, locate the app you want to uninstall and tap the uninstall button. One by one you can remove all the malicious app associated with the Ghost Push virus.


5. Restart your android phone normally and if everything was done according, then the virus is out of your device.


Always protect your android phone from the Ghost Push virus. Because once your android is infected you never can tell the amount of damage that your phone will be expose to.

The Ghost Push virus comes endowed with strong abilities to use stealth technology and obfuscate techniques to conceal its existence. All of this features enable Ghost Push virus a stubborn and formidable malware to android mobile devices. Ghost Push is currently attacking millions of android users in the world. Always get your android device protected.

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