How to Easily Find a Lost iPhone

find lost iPhone

Reaching your pocket and realizing your iPhone is no longer in it can be so terrifying. Next, you are thinking of the worst, have I lost my iphone? What could be even more terrifying is when you began to realize how much information is stored on your iPhone.

Apart from the fact that you’re now cut off from the world. You rely on your iPhone to carry out a lot including from signup to services and paying your bills. Now, the most important question you would be asking next is “how can i find my lost iPhone?”

There are steps you can deploy almost immediately to help you find your lost iPhone. This tutorial was written in a step by step way on how you could find or trace a lost iPhone.

Be Prepared

Be prepared

Anyone including you could lost a phone. So, brace yourself up and be proactive in case it did happen.

First, lock up your iPhone using any of the available device security to protect your phone. Set up a passcode and use either your face or fingerprint to protect all of your information from an intruder.

Your phone already contains too much of your personal information. This could range from banking apps, home or office location, private conversation, contacts, photos, credit cards etc. There’s a sure reason to protect all this with a passcode. Nobody should have access to this information by just laying hands on your phone.

Enable Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a necessity you should ensure is enabled once you have set up a passcode. By default, it’s enabled and you shouldn’t go out of your way to disable it. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to double-check right now to be sure it’s turn on.

To do this: open Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your name at the screen top. Next, select iCloud and scroll down to locate Find My iPhone. Tap it and check if both switches are turned on. If turned on, you’re all set but if not, turn both options on.

The advantage of enabling this feature is to allow you locate your lost iPhone from a different device or the web. You can even decide what to do to the lost iPhone. This can be whether to remotely lock the phone, set a passcode on it, put a message on the screen or even remotely wipe out its data. Moreover, you can do all that for free, simply by setting up Find My iPhone.

Call your Phone

find lost iPhone

Although, this technique won’t help you find your lost phone if it isn’t within your immediate environment. Nevertheless, if it’s lying around your house or office but hidden from your sight, calling your iPhone would do you good. This would depend on you using another phone to trace its sound as you make a call. Moreover, your phone ringer should be set on and loud, else it will be difficult to hear it ring.

Alternatively, if you aren’t within the reach of another phone or landline but have access to a computer with internet. Try accessing the domain ICantFindMyPhone.com and enter your phone number. If your phone is on, it will call it for you.

Track Through Appleā€™s Family Sharing

Apple's Family Sharing

If you use Family Sharing on your iPhone, you could easily locate it through another of your family member’s iPhone.

To do this: just have a family member sign in to iCloud with their Apple ID. Hence, you can track your device since it’s associated with the same Family Sharing account.

Furthermore, Family Sharing can activate Lost Mode or remotely erase the data of your lost iPhone via Find My iPhone. This option is necessary if your iPhone is switch-off or offline and you’ve ruled it out as lost.

Using Google Timeline to Find a Lost iPhone

Google Timeline will help you locate your lost iPhone if you did turn on Location Service and Location History. This is possible because Google’s Timeline will have record of all the locations of your iPhone.

When an iPhone goes missing and its location settings is turned on. Its last location information can be accessed on a map.

Note: Google Timeline will record your phone’s location only when your phone is switch on with internet connection.

How to locate your lost iPhone in Google Timeline

  • Visit: https://www.google.com/maps/timeline.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Click Today or select a specific date.
  • Scroll down to see the last recorded location of your iPhone.

Using an Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Consider as the simplest method to find your lost iPhone, if you had paired it with your Apple Watch. You can ping your iPhone and it’ll ding so you can hear and trace it. Keep pinging the phone and if it’s within your reach, you will find it.

To do this: on your Apple Watch, swipe up from your screen bottom to bring up the Control Center. On the left-hand side is an icon of an iPhone with curved lines; the ping button. Tap it to ping your lost iPhone.

Contact your Carrier

As a last option to consider if your phone is gone for good, is to contact your carrier. This should be done if you’re sure that your iPhone has been stolen, or you don’t think you’ll ever find it again.

Reporting your iPhone as stolen to your carrier will allow them to disable services like calls, messages or data use.


Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is seen as the best way to track the location of a lost or stolen iPhone. You are advice to turn on the service on your phone.

Anyways, they’re other options to consider and also some third-party apps can help you track a lost iPhone. However, you’ll still have to install or enable a service before the phone was lost.

Caution: you should never attempt to recover your phone yourself by confronting a hostile in possession of it. There have been cases of people getting hurt for doing so themselves. You should get the police involve with details you have gotten that can enable you recover your lost iPhone.

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