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android productivity

The smartphone has become a tool far beyond its primary aim of connectivity. Now, your Android phone can aid a lot of productivity when used accordingly and smartly. As a result, being stuck without a laptop when you need to get some work done isn’t much an issue as it used to be.

Moreover, the smartphone has grown larger and faster, becoming better in handling everyday task for productivity. This is true with the Android OS, as there are almost every productivity app and tools you can see on a desktop computer in its store. This article is aimed at providing you some of the apps you would want to use in becoming more productive. Besides, these apps can aid in getting your work done faster and also putting things in order.

Get organize

Get organize

If you ever wished to be more productive and organized, then get the Todoist app. It’s a worthy mention because it’s simply the best for now (to me). The app allows you to manage your tasks throughout your day. Furthermore, Todoist is a minimalist service with a cool design and available across various platforms.

Android file manager

android file manager

We’re all used to the desktop file manager (Windows Explorer or Mac Finder). Just like these file manager, the Android default File Explorer will accomplish you the same goal. It’ll enable you to locate your various files according to its format be it images, videos, apps, music, etc. Furthermore, the app Google Files can do even more for you by removing old files and unused apps to create more space and also backed up photos.

Get your documents everywhere

Your well-organized documents can be available in all your devices by using cloud storage just like you would do with a desktop. This can be achieved by using third-party apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive to synchronize your document and have it everywhere. Nonetheless, your document can be used and available offline too in all your devices.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Getting more productive entail you being more organize and have a well-planned calendar. With Google Calendar, you can schedule for yourself or for a team event. You can also create more calendar schedule for yourself or have schedule shared to others in your team.

Track your android productivity

android productivity

Being busy never equate being productive. You can track how productive you are on each task by using the ATracker app. The app will allow you to create custom categories and track how much time you spend being actually productive. Moreover, by knowing your actual android productivity level, you can easily keep track of achieving more.

Accomplish impossible task


How do you accomplish a seemly impossible task? You can do that by simply breaking it down into smaller chunks. Yes and the WorkFlowy app allows you to organize your tasks by making a list. You can also create detailed lists without feeling overwhelmed.

Push further with USB accessories


You can decide to increase productivity on your smartphone or tab by extending its USB functionality. Hence, with a USB-OTG cable you can be able to connect keyboards, mouses, game controllers, and external hard drives directly to your smartphone. You can also use your phone for presentation by connecting it to a projector or TV by using a USB to HDMI cable.

Mobile scanner

Your smartphone can also let you make use of it as a mobile scanner for your document. On Android, Google Drive built-in document scanner can help do this. To scan, tap the + button, and select “Scan” then snap a photo of the document. The digitized photo will be automatically cropped by Google Drive and you can decide to take more shot before turning the whole thing into a PDF. You can also choose to use CamScanner or any other numerous scanning apps on the Playstore to accomplish this.

Copy text easily

Tapping and dragging the text selector tool on a phone is usually sloppy especially when you have to copy or delete more than a few lines. If you use Google’s Gboard keyboard, it will streamline the process for you. To do this, hit the “G” button on the top left of the keyboard. Next, hit the “…” button on the opposite side, and then tap the cursor icon. On the selector keyboard, press “Select” to begin highlighting and use the arrow keys to select the required field.

Snooze notifications

Your smartphone is a buzzing notification machine that can hinder productivity. If your smartphone runs Android 9.0 or later, you can snooze individual notifications. Or instead, you can snooze all notification entirely for a more convenient time. On Android Pie or later, swipe slightly right on a particular notification until you see the bell icon. Afterward, tap on it to select when you want its alert to return.

Final words

Productive apps are great but without breaking some smartphone habits, they’re almost as useless. You need to be productive first by:

  • Planning your day first thing in the morning.
  • Set goals to increase your odds of succeeding
  • Cut down your daily distractions
  • Complete your most important tasks first

Above all, your mornings still remain the best part of your day. Plan your mornings right and watch great things happen.

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