How To Auto-Update Non Play Store Apps

auto-update non play store apps

You can auto-update non Play Store apps without going through the Play Store. Although, Google Play Store is the home to most of all the android apps available to an Android user, be it apps that were developed by Google team, private teams or even by a user as you.

Although, even with the freedom to develop an app and place it in the Play Store for downloads, Google still would remove some apps from its Store simply for violating its terms of service. But the good thing is that Google will not stop you from side-loading any app, you just simply have to download it directly from the web and install.

Having apps that are not Play Store supported can be frustrating at times, because you have to manually check for updates for those apps without having a prompt, unlike the Play Store that will alert you anytime there’s an update to an app.

Below are the steps that will enable you to Auto-update non Play Store apps

Setup your device to install non google supported apps.

First, you must ensure that your device settings are set for you to install apps that are outside the Play Store.

To do that, go to your device Settings and click on Security, locate Unknown source (Allow installations of apps from unknown sources) and click to approve it.

auto-update non play store apps

How to Auto-Update non Play Store apps

You will have to download and install the free app APKUpdater from XDA. The app provides a free and easy way to check for updates for any app, be it from the Play Store or not.


After installing the app, APKUpdater checks multiple sources for updates and lets you schedule update checks so you don’t forget to. The app supports every version of Android back to 2.3 Gingerbread, and provides notifications when it finds an update. Furthermore, you can ignore updates for some apps, This you can do by simply adding them to a whitelist.

By using APKUpdater, you can effectively manage your apps without ever touching Google Play. Also, if combined with a custom ROM, you can free your Android device from Google completely. This feat is great for rooted users who keep a lot of apps installed from outside the Play Store. Give it a try if you fit any of these profiles and let us know your experience with it.


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