Expected features of the new Iphone 8

iphone 8

As Apple gear up for the unveiling of it new iphone 8 in September. The company is expected to bring on big hardware changes and software updates to it iphone 8, which will be setting the bar high with it ever more sophisticated rivals and satisfy it enthusiasts who have become bored with it not too differ previous versions.

Rumour has it that the phone will have a glass and steel body with a curved edge OLED display against it former LCD screen, wireless charging and no more physical home button. But the most anticipated upgrade for the new iphone 8 will be it Iris scanner. Although both Samsung and Microsoft have implemented this feature in their phones in the past, but this will be the first time an Apple phone will feature the technology and this have become a talk-about on various tech blogs.

Adding an iris scanner to the iphone 8 only means one thing: advanced bio-metric security. Just like what Samsung did with its Note 7’s iris scanner but the Samsung Note 7 later took a sad end. The eye-examining feature would likely serve the purpose of authenticating the user’s identity. This sophisticated technology could then be used in unlocking the 10th anniversary iPhone. Among other things, the new feature is expected to simplify the authentication process for mobile services like Apple Pay.

An iris scanner is more advanced than the fingerprint scanner, which has undeniably become ubiquitous among flagship devices on the market. For one thing, iris scanning is a more specific type of bio-metric technology because each person’s iris has a complex and very unique pattern.


As rumors continue to go round on how and what the new iphone 8 would look like and come with and as usual, it ever die-hard users and enthusiasts are hoping and hungry for this features to come with the new flagship phone. As usual, our team at TechAblaze will keep you updated and wait for the big day in September and hopefully everything anticipated will be fulfilled.

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