Easy ways to save any webpage as PDF

Save webpage as PDF

The PDF file format is undoubtedly one of the most popular file document for ease of use and sharing. It’s widely use because, it’s both hardware and operating system independent. Furthermore, a PDF document can easily be viewed virtually on any smartphone, tablet or computer even without an internet connection.

It’s quite easy these days on how you can save webpages or share them to others. You can have a webpage bookmarked or copy its address link (URL) and send to anyone.

However, if you’d want to have a page accessed without an active internet connection or viewed on any device. Then you need have it as a PDF file. How would you do that? This simple guide will show you how you can save any webpage as a PDF file in any browser.

How to save a webpage as PDF in various browsers


Chrome web browser

On a webpage you would want to save as a PDF:

Click on the menu (vertical three-dot icon) in the top right-hand corner of Chrome and choose Print. Alternatively, you can use a short-cut code to print a page by pressing Ctrl + P (Windows) or Cmd + P (Mac).

On the displayed panel, click on Change button.

From the list of available printers, select Save as PDF

Chrome will prompt you to enter a name and the location you would want to save your PDF converted webpage.


Save Firefox webpage as PDF

Firefox unlike other browsers on our list has a unique way of saving PDFs using a add-on. There’re dozens of these free browser extensions to add on Firefox that aid an easy PDF conversion.

Nonetheless, by having any of such plugin on Firefox, you can easily save a webpage as PDF. I would recommend FoxyTab for Firefox as a good pick. Once installed, right-click on the tab containing the page that you wish to convert as PDF. On the drop-down menu that appears next, select and click on Save Tab as PDF.


Opera web browser

The Opera browser is quite easy to use in converting a webpage to PDF. To produce a PDF file from any webpage using the Opera web browser. Right-click on the webpage and choose Save as PDF. Specify your filename and the location you want your PDF converted webpage to be stored.

Most importantly, if you do not see the option to Save your webpage as a PDF. It means you’re using an older version of Opera or you’re right-clicking on a media element on the page such as a picture or a video.

Furthermore, if you’re using an older version, you can download an extension for this purpose.

Web2PDF is an extension that can be added to Opera and gives you a button on the browser’s toolbar. To convert any page to PDF on your old version of Opera. Click on the extension’s button to open and click on the Convert to PDF button.

Microsoft Edge

Save Microsoft Edge webpage as PDF

Just like the Chrome browser. To use your Microsoft Edge browser to convert your webpage into PDF. Click on the aligned-horizontal menu button with three dots. Select Print from the drop-down menu and click on Microsoft Print to PDF option. Print and save your PDF converted webpage.


Safari web browser

Open the webpage you would want to convert in your Safari web browser.

Locate and click on the the File menu and choose the Export as PDF option.

On the pop up window, name your PDF file and choose where to save it.

How to save a webpage on a mobile Browser


On the webpage, choose the Share button.

Choose Save PDF to iBooks from the various displayed options with the iBooks icon.

Your webpage will be converted into a PDF and automatically saved in iBooks for you.


Android users will have to use a app to convert any webpage to a PDF file. Notable to mention is Convert Web to PDF app. The app is easy to use and gives you quick convert option with a number of basic editing functions.

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