Boost your phone’s battery life the easy way

Boost your phone's battery life

Your phone’s battery is just one accessory you can’t get too much of no matter its capacity. This is so because your phone has become an extension of your being, just like your hands or legs. And at that, there’s continuous usage which unlike your body parts, it runs out eventually and does need a recharge. Although, not using your phone in an optimized way can build damages over time and affect your battery’s lifespan. This has become a great concern since recent phones are usually shipped with inbuilt battery, which reduces your choice of easy swapping or changing a bad one. In all, what really can you do to boost your phone’s battery and have it last longer with a good lifespan? This article will tell you 8 easy ways to accomplish that.

Meanwhile, before we proceed we should first spot the difference between the two terms used here “battery life and lifespan”. In contrast, your battery life refers to how long (hours or days) you phone will last on a single charge. While the lifespan is the months and years your battery would last before a replacement is necessary.

Understanding the technology of a modern cell phone’s battery.

Smartphone batteries are compact containers of chemical energy which are usually Lithium-ion. It is estimated that a Lithium-ion battery has a lifespan of about two to three years or a 300 to 500 charge cycles. Notably, one charge cycle is the period of battery use from a fully charged, to full discharge, and fully recharged again. But due to inconsistency in charging your phone from fully charged to a full discharged. You can use a two to three-year life expectancy to determine the overall health of your battery. Most noteworthy, this is only true for a battery that is fully optimized and properly cared for. So then, to get the most from your battery and boost its health and lifespan, you are to observe and do the following.

1. Never let your phone’s battery die

The first point of note in ensuring to have a long lifespan for your battery is never to allow it die to the zero point. Also, as a rule of thumb by experts on this subject. You should try to always maintain a battery percentage of around 40% to 80% for an optimal lifespan. Also, this ruled out your overnight charging option, yes you should if you care for your battery’s overall health. Although, keeping it charged to 100% or have it plugged-in overnight will do no harm since modern phones can cut off power intake once it gets to a 100%. But continually having it charged to a 100% or plugged-in overnight will affect the battery’s lifespan in the long run.

2. Find out what is draining your battery

Another important observation to note in order to boost your phone’s battery is the cause of it draining faster than usual. Before you can boost your phone’s poor battery’s life issues, you need to know what the root cause is. To do this, head straight to your settings > Battery menu > Battery usage. Your smartphone irrespective of the OS will display each app with its current battery usage. From the detailed information, you can decide to uninstall any app draining your battery if it’s no longer needed. Also, you can just restrict the app’s background processing, or simply activate the Battery Saver option.

3. Put off your network radios

Putting on your various network radios on at all times will constantly drain your battery in the background. Your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, and NFC should all be turned off when not in use. Moreover, in preserving your battery’s life, you should choose to use Wi-Fi over 4G when within reach. For a 4G usage is 40% more power-hungry than a Wi-Fi connection. And by having all your network radios switched off when not in use will boost your phone’s battery life.

4. Don’t overuse fast-charging

Quick charge is a technology that most recent smartphone supports. Although, the technology being a nice feature of modern smartphones, yet manufacturers would put a lower-specced charger in the box. There’s a reason for this because charging a phone quickly regularly would reduce the phone’s battery lifespan. Notwithstanding, fast-charging will not harm your phone if done once a while mostly when you are in a rush. But too much usage can easily stress out your battery and caused it to overheat.

5. Use dark wallpaper

When next you have to choose wallpaper, do go for a dark one. Smartphones with AMOLED displays use more power to illuminate colored pixels and at such drains your battery. On the other hand, dark wallpapers are made of black pixels. These pixels are not lit and require lesser power to maintain an image on your screen. So, if you really need to squeeze all the battery life you can get, then always go with a dark wallpaper

6. Reduce your screen brightness

Inasmuch as a full bright screen will affect your eyes so also it does on your battery. Always dim your screen brightness to the lowest level you’re comfortable with. Or you can set it to Adaptive Brightness which adjusts according to the lighting in your environment. Above all, reducing your screen brightness is the easiest way to conserve your battery life.

7. Avoid extreme conditions (heat or cold)

Another point of notice which is crucial to your battery’s health is the temperature you store or have it charge. Although, your smartphone can perform alright in most earthly temperature. Still, you should not have it stored in extremely cold or hot temperature. For example, in a very cold environment, there might be a temporary decrease in battery life which will affect performance. Also, your phone shouldn’t be stored or charge in a factory with heavy machinery causing excess heat above 95-degrees Fahrenheit.

8. System and app updates

Smartphones are always getting the latest updates for patches and bug fixing that help your phone to run better. Some of these updates also help to run your battery life efficiently. Still, you should choose to set your app updates to Wi-Fi. This is because app updates are hefty and do consume data and battery life more while using your mobile data. Meanwhile, you can choose to set only the apps you use often to auto-update and have others restricted. My advice would be since you’ll be prompted by your apps once there’s an update. You should restrict all apps to update manually. This will enable you to update only the apps you use regularly and don’t have every update running at the background consuming your battery life.

Final thoughts

Modern phone batteries are running down faster than they use to. Yes, and it’s because our phones are smarter now and do a lot for us. For planning our day to business usage, playing games, health check, keeping in touch with friends. And even more, which are dependable on batteries in keeping the processing running and screen lighting up. But if you so concern about both your battery life and lifespan. You should consider every way to be up and running while having your battery last longer. These 8 easy ways to boost your phone’s battery will do that for you as you put it into practice.

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