Best free apps to turn your photos into a cool work of art

Turn photos into art

These days you can turn your photos into a work of art by yourself simply by using the right tool. But do you really need to be an experienced photo editor or a photoshop guru to achieve that? No, because there’s an app for it without you having to learn all the skills and tricks. In fact, with just a photo, the right app, your smartphone or computer you can be an instant Pablo Picasso. If you’re interested in tweaking or turning your photo into a painting, avatar, or a sketch in a professional way. You’re unto the right page and with either your smartphone or laptop, you can accomplish your wish. To do this, here are the best free apps to get started.

1. Prisma

Prisma turn your photo into art

First on the list and a notable mention is Prisma. This app popularized painterly photos and created a digital painting culture. Prisma is robust, easy to use, and comes with several features having both a free and paid subscription. Prisma paintings are based on well-known artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Munch. The Prisma app isn’t all automatic as photos can be customized by a user taste. Furthermore, Prisma has more than 300 filters to chose from and you also have the liberty to alter its filters as you wish. You can adjust your end result with its set of sliders such as exposure, contrast, and sharpness. Enabling you to fine turn your photos into an art of your thirst.
Get Prisma: Android, iOS.

2. PicsArt

PicsArt photo turner

Another great app for your photo turning is PicsArt. PicsArt can be likened to a mobile Photoshop tool. Having basic to advance tools to fine turn your photos into art with other editing options. Although, apart from the basic in turning your photo to an art painting. If you wish to do some ninja-style editing to your photos, you would need some practice and learning curve. But the good part is, PicsArt got you covered. You can practice and learn more on the advance ways you can improve and customize your photos with these PicsArt tutorials. Moreover, PicsArt is free to use and also have an ad-free subscription.
Get PicsArt: Android, iOS.

3. Glaze

Glaze photo turner

If you are a lover of texture paintings, then Glaze is the app you need. Having 36 painting styles to turn your photos into a texture work of art for free. Your worries should be which style would be the best to use. Glaze sure has a lot of fascinating styles to chose from and this would be your confusing moment. And if you still have an appetite for more, you can unlock more styles by subscribing to the premium version with just $2.99. Glaze has a lot of functionalities and gives you the chance to explore more on your photos. You can even stack different styles together and create a unique preset. Also, you can have a portion of your photo having a painting effect with other parts still remaining normal. If you love rich texture art painting, Glaze is sure the right app you.

Get Glaze: iOS.

4. Dreamscope

Turn photos into art with Dreamscope

First available as a web app and now on the Android platform is Dreamscope. Dreamscope is awesome and also has a large collection of several different styles to chose from. A unique selling point of Dreamscope over the competition is that the app doesn’t compress your images file. Upload a high-resolution photo and get back a high-resolution art photo. Unlike most app that will shrink and resize your photo. Why would you need a high-resolution photo? Having a high-resolution photo will be necessary if you would want your photo to be printed out or framed. Also, Dreamscope allows you to browse the gallery of recent creation by other users. This can spark up ideas and show you creative possibilities of what Dreamscope can do for you.
Visit Dreamscope.

Get Dreamscope: Android.

5. Pikazo

Pikazo photo turner

Want your photo to look like an actual painting done by an artist (you) and can be hung in your living room, then get Pikazo. Pikazo has different paint-like filters that allow users to control the result using its sliders. You can also create your own customize filter by mixing pre-existing filters together. Pikazo will also allow you to share and print images from the app.
Get Pikazo: Android, iOS.

6. BeFunky


A good function app if you want a photo editor to achieve and make collages, red-eye reduction, teeth whiter, etc. Get BeFunky and you’ll sure be funky after a trial. BeFunky has a lot of good options and features to make your photo more artistic. Also, it comes with tools to let you adjust light, exposure, clarity, saturation, etc.

Get BeFunky: Android, iOS.

7. Brushstroke

Brushstroke turn your photo into art

If you would want a much powerful and rich-featured app for digital painting without minding a little cost, then get Brushstroke. Brushstroke has one of the best selection of tools to customize your digital painted photo. Not only do you have the choice of different painting styles but you can also choose the canvas type to use. This helps you to create additional variation through texture and have your photo as rich as you would want it. Another cool reason to use Brushstroke is that you can add your signature to your painting “art by…“. With all these great features and more, Brushstroke will cost you about $4 which is worth it. Brushstroke was added to the list even though it’s not a free app but has some unique features worth trying out. And if you wouldn’t mind the cost fee, get it and try it out.
Get Brushstroke: iOS.

Final words

These cool and free apps to turn your photos into a work of art is only a drop in the vast ocean of image-editing apps. There are more out there but I can assure you, these are the best you can get out there for free. Try one out and you will find out that with just minimal input from you as the user, you will come up with a great work that will blow your mind. Also, if you would prefer to tweak your photo and have it in a different tune. These 7 best apps to make your selfie cool and funny would do for you the wonder.

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