A.I Tool Beats the World’s Strictest Internet Censorship

A.I Internet Censorship

Using A.I to beat the world’s strictest internet censorship will be the saving grace for most people in authoritarian societies. For example, citizens from countries like China, Russia and Iran don’t have full access to every contents on the internet. Allowing the states to have control of the information their people are exposed to on the internet. While the aim is to protect those in power.

Nevertheless, it’s usually difficulty and often dangerous if you try to bypass such censorship. Anyways, there’s a new tool which will help you get around any country’s internet censorship.

The New Tool “Geneva”

Geneva which stands for “Genetic Evasion” and was developed at the University of Maryland and was biologically inspired. It uses A.I to beat even the world’s strictest internet censorship. Geneva uses a kind of machine leaning to automatically detect bugs and gaps in a country’s censorship system. And afterwards, a user can view censored content without limitation.

The lead author of the research Kevin Bock, a computer science PhD student at University of Maryland explained Geneva. He explained that, Geneva’s kind of machine learning is based on evolution. This it does by essentially trying different randomized algorithms to beat a country’s censorship algorithm. While after a successful trial, it keeps the effective algorithms and get rid of the others that didn’t scale through. In all, Geneva gets better and better overtime at beating the censorship system.

How Geneva works

Geneva as an A.I technology does beat a strict internet censorship at its core. Its algorithm works by trying to outwit any strict censorship algorithms using artificial intelligence. By using China’s internet censorship as an example. The censoring algorithm might look for keywords in a web search and blocked access to content that contains such keywords. To have access to the censored contents, Geneva might sort of scramble the data the censoring algorithm is looking at. This will masked the flagged keywords so that the censoring algorithm doesn’t recognize someone is looking at a censored content.

In order to prove its effectiveness, Geneva was put up to test by its research team against China’s censorship algorithm. This they did on a computer with an unmodified Chrome browser in the country. And they were able to browsed the internet as anyone in China would without contents being censored while using Geneva. Also, the same test was done to beat Kazakhstan and India’s censorship system.

Unlike the mentioned countries, Russia has a different and unique censorship system. Russian internet censoring is not directly controlled by the state but rather by private internet service providers. However, Geneva is still a research in progress, and it’ll test for all possible ways to bypass Russian censorship.

Finally A.I as the New Hope to Defeat Internet Censorship

Consequently, Geneva for sure will prove to be the best censorship-defeating tool that has so far been developed. However, authoritarian governments might find a way to block its citizens from ever getting it or look for ways to beef up their censorship. In all, Geneva is machine learning capable. This capability might be able to empower it to beat new obstacles put in place by learning from them.

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