8 Ways to Customize Google Search as a Pro

Customize Google Search

Can anyone really customize Google Search and have it look and function differently from its classic default? Anyways, Google is undoubtedly the most use search engine in the world. Still having one of the simplest website on the web. Even at that, it continues to retain its title and no search engine has ever come close. This has made the search engine’s name synonymous to the word “search”. Just like someone could easily say “Google it” to mean search for it on the internet.

Nonetheless, you can customize Google Search even though Google values its classic look which is devoid of distraction and straight to the point (search). But can you or anyone else be able to customize Google Search to have a distinct look and functions?

Yes! and with the help of some extensions you could easily have your Google Search customize to function and look differently. To achieve this, here are the best extensions to use.

1. Google Results Previewer

There was once a time, when if you hover your mouse on a result searched. It does show a preview of the site directly without you clicking on the link. Although, Google Search no longer offer such functionality but with Google Results Previewer the function is restored with an extension.

To make the preview appear after installing the Google Results Previewer. Hover your mouse on a search result link and a preview will be showed.

Get the Chrome extension: Google Results Previewer (free)

2. Google Search Filter

We all have that go-to websites we use for a particular purpose. Just like Google Search is the preferred site for most people to search things online. Using Google Search Filter will ensure that your favorite sites are always noticeable in your list of search results. You can also use it to hide any results from sites you dislike.

To use Google Search Filter: in the configuration file, add a (+) symbol before a domain name to highlight it. This will bring out the domain in every search you made related to its content. While if you want to blacklist a site, use the (#) symbol before the domain name.

Get the Chrome extension: Google Search Filter (free).

3. Unpinterested

Why use an extension to un-pinterest your search result list? I know, Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration for our DIY projects, meals, how to, and a whole lot more.

But as Pinterest becomes more popular and dominant Google Image search results in certain topics. This can become annoying at times especially when you don’t have a Pinterest account to access a found photo.

Unpinterest becomes useful and will help remove all Pinterest pages from your search results. Both in image and regular searches. Having to disabled or enabled the filter can be done with just a simple toggle button. Hence, if there are times you would need see a Pinterest results, it easier by just switching it back on.

Get the Chrome extension: Unprinterested

4. Discussion Button

Some years ago, Google used to have a Discussion tab a the top of its search result list. These contains images, videos, news, etc. from a filtered results with hits from forums, blog post, message boards, and other similar content.

Currently, this feature has been removed from Google search. But to have or use this feature, you will have to go with the Chrome extension called Discussion Button. Although, Discussion Button doesn’t work in the same way as the original. Still, it does have close similarity and will give you results from discussion-based sites.

Get the Chrome extension: Discussion Button for Google Search (free)

5. Night Mode for Google Search

Recently, dark mode is the new theme and almost every app or OS is going dark. This is because Night Mode help reduce eye strain, especially in a dim light environment.

Night Mode will help customize your Google Search Result to have the appearance of a dark theme. Moreover, there are various settings you can adjust to customize your experience.

Get the Chrome extension: Night Mode for Google Search (free)

6. Infinite Scroll

Clicking through endless pages of results to get your preferred pick can be exhausting at times. Nevertheless, using Infinite Scroll for Google could be a boast to get your choice result seamlessly.

By using Infinite Scroll to browse through your search results. Once you get to the bottom of a searched page of results, the extension will automatically load for you the next page. This is done with little or no input from you.

Get the Chrome extension: Infinite Scroll for Google (free)

7. myGoogle

myGoogle is a fun extension that adds a dash of personality to your search results. First and foremost, the extension doesn’t give you any practical benefit but just a fun way to personalize your Google Search.

myGoogle extension simply use your name or any other word or phrase you chose to replace Google name. Furthermore, the name you use will follow Google’s blue, red, yellow, and green color branding. This will allow you to rewrite the google image with image you generate from a name. Also, you can preview, reset and overwrite Google image with it.

Get the Chrome extension: myGoogle (free)

8. Google Search Date Range Shortcut

At times, you might want to search for something within a specific period. This is true on content such as old articles or new stories with a specific date.

Natively, Google do provide a date filter for this purpose. Although, you will have to click on Tools to open it while its list of preset ranges is quite limited.

Anyways, by using Google Search Date Range Shortcut extension, you have two distinct features. Firstly, the Tools menu will always be visible and open. Secondly, you can customize an existing date or add additional date ranges to the dropdown menu.

Get the Chrome extension: Google Search Date Range Shortcut (free)

Customize Google Search your way

The selected Chrome extensions discussed will help you make Google Search work and look exactly the way you want. Moreover, there are more of such customized extensions for Chrome to personalize your Google Search. But these for sure are the best picks

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