7 easy ways to stop your smartphone addiction

stop smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction is getting worrisome by the day and the question is, how do you stop it? Nowadays, people easily get buried in their phones and forgot how much time they’ve spent glaring on its shining glass. Studies have shown that too much time spent on your phone is bad for your focus and mental health. Although, some are of the opinion that deleting the most distracting apps from your smartphone would help. Or by turning off all notification and not having your phone near your bed at night would help too. Yes, these would help but if you’re already addicted, you can easily break through these boundaries and indulge fully again.

Why Smartphone addiction?

There are millions of apps out there and each is begging for your time and attention. According to Statista there’re 2.1 million Android apps for Android users alone to choose from. While Apple users have an estimated 1.8 million apps in its app store. Moreover, each one of these apps would want you to spend more of your time on it by trying to keep you engaged. This has led companies to hire behavioral psychologists to engineer ways on how to get your focus and spend more time on their apps.

The solution

Often, users are not aware of their addiction with the frequency and extent of their smartphone use. Hence, the need to offer a solution can best come from the same tool that consumes it. Although, it’s counter-intuitive to use your phone to stop you from your phone. But anyways, there’re some great apps that would do you the good. They are well designed to keep you on track and help you break out of your smartphone addiction.

1. Siempo

siempo stop smartphone addiction

The goal of Siempo is simply to un-addict you from your smartphone and its numerous attention stealing apps. To achieve this, Siempo replaces your homescreen with a calmer interface and give you more control over your notifications. The app is more like a launcher and gives you full control of your smartphone. You can batch your notifications by allowing apps to alert you on a schedule you prefer. This can be set to every half hour, top of the hour or you can choose your notifications to buzz you once daily. Furthermore, you can choose which apps are allowed to break through or even have some apps never send a notification.

Get the app: Android

2. OffTime

offtime app logo

This is another great app that helps users break out of addiction by blocking distracting apps like Facebook and games. OffTime tells you how much you’re actually using your smartphone. Also, it shows you your smartphone usage analytics to help you break habits and measure your progress. The app also makes sure that you have access to only the main things you need by setting a mode. Modes can be set to Work, Family, or Me Time and you don’t get distracted outside a chosen mode.

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3. RescueTime

RescueTime stop smartphone addiction

RescueTime is an app across all platforms; Android, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. The app does basically three main functions; gain perspective, set goals and take action. Moreover, it gives you an accurate picture on how you spend your time while using your smartphone and help you become more productive every day. After setting a goal, a detailed report is generated each day and you can see if your goals were achieved.

Get the app: Android

4. Stay on task

Stay on Task logo

We easily get carried away and wander around while using our smartphone. Stay on Task is a simple but yet an effective app to improve your focus and get your work done. Its main aim is to check up on you to make sure you’re doing your work and not loafing about. It also has a timer that beeps up randomly to keep you in check. The app is highly suitable for writers anyone one who easily gets distracted and wants to stay focus.

Get the app: Android

5. Hold

Hold logo

Hold is another great app that helps you focus on the things that matter. The aim of Hold is to reward you when you champion your focus and determination in achieving your goals. Hold tracks how much time you spend not using your smartphone. Furthermore, students benefit more from this app. They can easily convert their time not spent using their phones into points and Hold will redeem those points into real-world reward. These rewards can be turned into an Amazon voucher, free cinema tickets or a box of popcorn. Fortune favors the focused.

Get the app: Android, iOS

6. Forest

Forest logo stop smartphone addiction

Forest is another great app which will help you stay off your phone but with a different approach. Once downloaded and opened, a tree is planted. The longer you stay off your phone, the bigger your tree grows. But if you’re unable to resist the urge to use your phone, your tree withers and gradually die. Forest is actually an advocate of Going Green. And for every virtual tree you plant and grow, you earn coins. Earned coins can be spent planting real trees through Forest’s charity partner (Trees for the Future).

Get the app: Android, iOS.

7. Flipd

Flipd logo

If you would need a more aggressive approach to stop your smartphone addition then Flipd is the app for you. The app allows you to lock your phone for a set period of time. If you do, access to your phone would be denied until the stated time elapsed even if you restart it. However, the app also allows users to build a team that can hold each member accountable in fulfilling set goals. Whereby members can remotely be locked out to achieve their goals and stop their smartphone addiction.

Get the app: Android, iOS.

You can actually stop your smartphone addiction

These are just seven of the numerous apps to keep you out of your smartphone and help you stop your addiction. Furthermore, by stopping your addiction, you also should break out of these 5 smartphone habits. This will enable you to achieve your goal and stay off your phone to increase your focus.

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