7 best apps to train and supercharge your brain

Train and supercharge your brain

It’s a known fact, our brain function declines as we age. Although, these days the brain declines way faster than before. People are becoming more forgetful, even forgetting basic things as a friend’s name, dinner date or a spouse birthday. Why? No thanks to tools and technologies that have automate almost all of our brain tasking activities. Things are now being done seamlessly with ease, aiding little or no brain power. With ease comes the problem, which is causing us to be easily forgetful. Not our fault, right? Just like someone would quote “to forget is human”. Is that excuse even justifiable? Needless to say, it’s a shame, as we no longer bother to build our brain muscles as we think everything can be gotten with just a click.

Thankfully, the same technology which is aiding forgetfulness can also help us to remember things better. This can be achieved with the use of apps to supercharge and recall information from memory easily. In no particular order, the apps are:

1. Elevate

Elevate train and supercharge your brain

If you wish to get your brain elevated and reach for an optimum level, then get Elevate. The app is a personal trainer for your brain, using AI to design for you a customized brain workout. This it does by your interaction with the app, which gathers more knowledge of you by your continuous usage. Furthermore, Elevate allows you to set a goal while it creates a personalized set of exercises tailored to your desired results. The app also contains some engaging mini-games to improve your memory, reading comprehension, writing, focus and more. Elevate is quite helpful, thereby allowing you to track your progress along the way. And will enable you to know the skills you’re bettering and which to improve further on.

Get the app: Android, iOS

2. Peak

Peak train and supercharge your brain

Peak will train and supercharge your brain to its optimal function. This it does with its dozens of games designed to improve your recall and mental agility. Moreover, Peak comes in two variants; the free and paid versions. The free version is pretty fair for a start, and it offers you some decent functions to get you started. While the premium version offers more, with a personalized experience and access to the complete collection of challenges.

Get the app: Android, iOS

3. Happify


Get your brain trained and supercharged daily and be happy all along by using Happify. You might wanna know, can the app really make you happy as it gets your brain functions improved? Certainly, and you should give it a try if you aim to be happy as you improve your brain power. Furthermore, Happify was designed by experts and scientists in the field of psychology mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Although Happify isn’t promising you a quick fix but rather, it will train and supercharge your brain over time as you continue its usage. Happify will assist you along the way with some easy but fun games each day.

Get the app: Android, iOS

4. Lumosity


Lumosity is a widely acceptable brain training app, used by more than 85 million users worldwide. It has over 100 researchers from around the world who helped create it over 50 colorful and fun minigames. These games were designed to train five cognitive functions: memory, speed, flexibility, attention, and problem-solving. To get it, you are required to sign-up to complete a “fit test”. This it does to calibrate your memory, attention, and speed through three separate games. Luminosity is easily appealing to both children and adults. You still would wanna try it for your kids. Also, the app has both a free and paid version.

Get the app: Android, iOS

5. CogniFit


CogniFit is definitely the app to try if you suffer from short-term memory. For it runs an intense test on your brain for 23 different cognitive skills. Afterward, it provides a detailed report of the result which will point you on what next to do. CogniFit also comes with a variety of minigames designed to train and supercharged your short-term memory, planning, hand-eye coordination, and auditory perception. You should really try out the app if you suffer from short-term memory, for it uses the same technologies as hospitals and medical centres around the world. The developers are keen to point out that all of their brain training tools have been validated by scientists. Furthermore, CogniFit also offers specific exercises for people with diagnosed mental impairments, like dementia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer, etc.

Get the app: Android, iOS

6. Duolingo


A better way to train and supercharge your brain is simply by learning a new language and that’s what Duolingo will do for you. With its over 32 different languages to pick from and learn. Duolingo will make your learning fun with games and quizzes which teaches you how to read, write and speak in a chosen language. If you once tried a language and drop off, Duolingo will help you pick up. Making sure you don’t have to start all over again from scratch but where you left off. Give it a try and you will be marveled

Get the app: Android, iOS

7. Covve

Covve train and supercharge your brain

A much different app to try is Covve. The app is liked to an advanced reminder but in its process, build up your brain’s memory. Covve gets your contacts list and keeps you abreast. This it does by scanning for news articles about your contacts and reminds you to keep in touch. Covve allows you to take notes about the meetings you’ve had with any of your contacts. In all, Covve puts a profile picture to your contacts which makes anyone easily recognized.

Get the app: Android, iOS

You can indeed train and supercharge your brain

These apps are definitely a try if you’re becoming more forgetful of things that were once easily retrieved from memory. Each one of the apps has its own unique feature. You should pick the one that meets your most prefer need and give it a try. Moreover, with these seven best apps to supercharge your brain. You got no reasons not to have a sharp mind in spite of who you are or your age.

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