7 Best Apps To Make Your Selfie Cool And Funny

7 Best Apps To Make Your Selfie Cool And Funny

Just like everything that has gain relevance overtime, the selfie has evolved and has created a culture for itself. There are quite a number of tools that can enhance or make your selfie more appealing. From photo filters to enhancers and to a 3D animated effect that can change as you move your face. Selfies have become a niche on its own. There’s a whole lot you can do to a selfie now, for its tuning possibilities is becoming limitless. Before we go further to the 7 best apps to make your selfie cool and funny let first understand what really a selfie is.

What Is A Selfie

A selfie has to do with the self and pictures or simply put a selfie is a self-portrait type image. Selfies are typically taken with a Smartphone which may be held in the hand, a selfie stick or by using a selfie drone. In November 2013, Selfie was announced as the “word of the year” and was subsequently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Also, in August 2014, selfie was officially accepted for use in Scrabble (word game). These 7 best apps will make your selfie cool and funny

1. YouCam Fun: Turn you otherwise (iOS)

If you would like a selfie of your younger or older self in a different body, then use YouCam Fun for that. YouCan Fun has the functionality to turn you into a Chinese lady or a cat or to any other animated character. You can be anything you want using this app. Once gotten the perfect selfie character, you can either save the image or share it directly to your preferred social media account.

Download: YouCam Fun iOS (free)

2. NASA Selfies: A Selfie App From NASA (Android, iOs)

So many adults dreamt as kids of becoming an astronaut but lots of the dreams were piped. Anyways, we still have a bunch of kids aiming and dreaming of becoming one and no better motivation than to make them see themselves as one already. You can help yourself or anyone else to gear up the dream by suiting up in a spacesuit and taking a snap in space. Developed by the IPAC Communication & Education group and released on the 15th anniversary of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Mission. The app puts you in a virtual space suit with some stunning space images for the background. To do this, just take a selfie and pick an image to fit in, be it a rocket launch scene, space posters, or space exploration.

Download: NASA selfies for Android, iOS (free)

3. Morphin: Put Yourself Inside a GIF (Android, iOS)

Think of having an Avatar of yourself, this app is the tool. You take a selfie and have the app put you inside a GIF. The GIF remains the same but just your face is switched and have your Avatar self. Morphin uses a CGI to optimize your likeness and recreate a personalize animated GIF of you.

Download: Morphin for Android, iOS (free)

4. Art Selfie: Art Lovers (Android, iOS)

For the lovers of selfies and arts, this is a must have app. A part of the Google Arts and Culture app is the easy to use Art Selfie. Install theGoogle Arts and Culture app and find the Art Selfie. Once a selfie is taken by the app, Google Art Selfie will try and match your photo to thousands of portrait artworks online. The app uses a computer vision technology and machine learning to compare your face to the various artworks by museums who are partners with Google.

Download: Google Arts and Culture for Android, iOS (free)

5. Fatify: Makes You Look Fatter (iOS)

Do you like to see the fatter you? This app will do that for you. By adjusting its simple slider, you can see how you would look like if you were 10kgs heavier or even a 100! You can also do record a video with voice to match your now fatter look.

Download: Fatify for iOS (free)

6. Smiley: Take Hands-Free Smiling Selfies (iOS)

If you want a selfie with your hands totally intact, then the Smiley Selfie should be your try. You can use the app to make a Selfie of you or a group’s portrait. To do this, position your phone and the Smiley Selfie app will auto-snap the picture simply by everyone displaying their smile with revealing teeth.

Download: Smiley for iOS (free)

7. Unifie: Take a Selfie With Anyone, Anywhere

Do you want to take a selfie with a celebrity, a distance lover, family member or with that cute random friend? Then having the Unifie Selfie app would be needed for that. Furthermore, its video call functionality can create a selfie with your caller during a Video chat. This it can do in real time.

Download: Unifie for Android, iOS (Free)

Beyond Beauty Filters.

Nevertheless, these apps beat your stale conventional beauty filters that are becoming boring. With these apps, you can do funny things and still look cool. Moreover, These 7 best apps to make your selfie cool and funny will do more than you anticipated. Give them a try.

Do you think we missed out on an app that’s way cooler and was supposed to make the list? Hit on us now!

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