5 Smartphone Habits to break in Order to be More Productive

smartphone habits to break

Habits either make or mar us even though it’s the driving force of accomplishing anything worthwhile. The evolution of the internet has brought information at our fingertips in getting things done easily and quickly. Things are becoming easily accessible and the invention of the Smartphone has contributed immensely to this. The Smartphone has become an indispensable tool which gives us instantaneous connection and access to limitless information while helping to keep our lives in order.

Just like everything with two sides, there is also the other side of the Smartphone which can cause us achieving less or not even doing the tasks we were supposed to accomplish. The Smartphone can be likened to the invention of the firearm which aim was to create fear and prevent war but instead caused more wars than it could ever prevent. The Smartphone has imbibed into every facet of our lives and has resulted in too much information and glamour. Notwithstanding, we are consumed in its ever alluring world of fun and carried away at the expense of what we were supposed to get done.

The Smartphone is great no doubt but it also feeds on our natural distracted state and steals away our productive time. In all these, we’re to be aware of these 5 Smartphone habits that can cause us more distraction and put our productive level on the low.

Nevertheless, to remain productive by killing bad habits, you should also replace them with better ones. For a bad habit can return to fill in the void.

The 5 habits to break in order to be more productive is presented below.

1. Checking your phone first thing in the morning

Having your phone checked first thing in the morning is one of the worst habits that can mar a productive day. The problem is that, when we do so, we are unconsciously in a reactive mode and what we see can spell how our day goes. This can immediately hijack our thought, ideas and focus by the new messages, emails, and notifications seen. And ultimately shift our attention to these things instead of our routine task or goals set beforehand.

2. Too much of social media

Is it really worth the effort to be obsessed with other people’s lives? Would that contribute at all to your productivity? Social media display s mostly the best part of people’s lives. Dwelling too much on social media will always show you things you lack or crave for. This is true as people only want to show you the bright part of their lives locking out the dark. When we spend time on social media, there’s always more to see because everything looks so beautiful and glamorous. This affects our productivity by not only causing us more time spent on superficial things but also having our mind wanders afterward.

3. Having your notifications on

Your notifications buzzing on your screen can be distracting and might shift your focus during productive hours. Notifications are pressing just like phone calls and there’s always the urge to attend to them each time they bleep. They can easily distract you from getting a task done. The best thing to do is always silent all notifications until when done. They are only mere buzz and probably don’t contain anything urgent or tasking.

4. Let it go

When the urge to check an app during a productive hour is building up, just let it go. Discipline is the key here and when a standard is set, it’s easier to follow. By opening just one app can lead to opening of another, then another and before long, you are deep in your phone. People rarely open just one app and let go. The urge to open another is always craving and easily switched to since you are unto the phone already. The key is never open any app at all.

5. Using your Smartphone at your spare time

Although, the use of your phone in your spare time still remains the best. But when the phone is used continuously during our spare time will also cause a drop in productivity. The spare time is supposed to be a time of getting relaxed and reflect on things. Maybe some meditation or a nap. Just anything that can relax the brain to continue your routine task after a sound rest, which will also fuel creativity. But having all the spare time glaring at your shinning glass will hinder your chance to dwell on that imagination that can cause you to be creative.

Be productive

Our habits make us and at that, we must be aware of the things which are hindering us from becoming more productive. There’s time for everything and our productive time should be used for its utmost purpose. This is just 5 of the habits that can ruin our productive time. They’re more to the list and we must carry out an evaluation of ourselves on how our Smartphone is causing us more harm than good.

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