5 Great Apps to Help Improve Your Vocabulary

apps to improve your vocabulary

Being fluent in communication and expressing yourself in the right and most concise way is seen as intelligence. You can improve your vocabulary by using the right apps and have your listeners marvel at your choice of words. The smartphone has become a tool that could help you accomplish quite a number of things; connectivity, productivity and now communicating fluently. These tools (apps) will help you build your vocabulary and chose the right words each time you are communicating. Nonetheless, the apps will not only build for you a great vocabulary but will also help you avoid vague words without good sense of meaning.

1. Dictionary.com


This is a necessary app to have installed on your phone and improve your vocabulary. Dictionary.com is an English-only dictionary and it’s quite academic. The app is highly recommended for exam students taking IELTS, CAE, FCE, SAT, and TOEFL.

2. Word of the hour

Word of the hour

Just like the name, Word of the Hour is an English vocabulary app that updates every hour with a new word and its meaning. The app also gives you the usage of each word in a sentence. If you are concern about building your vocabulary and don’t know where or how to start, this is the right app for you. Word of the Hour will help build your vocabulary while you’re on the go. Moreover, it also supports several platforms and has translations in ten other languages.

3. Quizlet

apps to improve your vocabulary

If you’ve been building your vocabulary for quite some time now but you don’t know how much information you have retained. Quizlet is the right app to test your vocabulary skills and know how far you’ve come. Designed as a quiz game, Quizlet comes with flashcards created by its millions of users around the world. Also, if you found a word not in the app, you too can create your own flashcard. The app has a range of categories with subjects and quizzes are divided into time, memory, and learn modes. It’s a fun app and also comes with an audio transcription for learning word pronunciation.

4. Aard 2

Aard 2

This is a must-have app encompassing an offline dictionary and Wikipedia. Aard 2 is an all-in-one tool for multiple dictionaries and Wikipedia. More dictionaries can be added to the app by their official download links which are found in the app. You can conveniently download FreeDict, WordNet, Wikibooks, Wikitionary, Uncyclopedia and more. Moreover, having Aard 2 with its several dictionaries, you can easily get a word meaning from different sources.

5. Memrise

apps to improve your vocabulary

This is another fun and amazing vocabulary app to have in order to improve your vocabulary. Memrise has a difficulty level: beginner or skilled which you are to chose before you began using it. Once a difficulty level is chosen, Memrise will help improve your vocabulary with intuitive and engaging games. Furthermore, there’s voice mode and thousands of videos with users examples to watch. Memrise is more suitable for you if you are more concern in learning not too difficult or awkward words but regular pronounceable words. The app also has an offline mode which you can use without an active internet connection

Improve your vocabulary even more by pushing beyond these apps

Finally, having a good vocabulary is essential but you shouldn’t dwell on these apps alone. You should continue to thrive in other areas and improve yourself along as you learn. In adding to these tools, you can improve your communication further by:

  • Reading daily and broadly
  • Learning and using learned words in your communications and writings
  • Have a dictionary and thesaurus in your phone
  • Engage in conversations
  • Learn the root of words
  • Look up words you don’t understand
  • Do word puzzles
  • Keep a journal

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