5 Easy Ways To Tell If A Photo Has Been Photoshopped

photoshopped image

We live in a world when once an event occurs, the first sound to hear are the clicks of smartphones camera. Although, people take photographs for different reasons and as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” so, how do you tell if a photo has been manipulated? Most pictures online have been doctored or enhanced, making false seem as true. Nevertheless, reasons may vary but for most, they may simply want to make you believe what truly is not real or they just want to look more physically appealing.

By knowing how to spot a fake photograph, which will help in reducing its aim. You will be able to protect yourself and others from its purpose, which is usually to create a hoax or simply to cause a false perception. Although not all manipulated photograph is aimed for a bad reason, it might simply be for the fun of it. But whichever way, being able to tell if a photo has been photoshopped can help your judgment and below are some of the ways to detect such.

1. A Little Common Sense

photoshopped image

Sometimes, spotting a doctored photograph can be obvious; somethings might just fall out of place. This can be seen in some photographs having slightly misplaced body parts or too enhance/spotless body features. So, by having to look deeply on any obvious signs from the norm can prove to you what is not right.

2. Pay Attention To The Photo quality (Pixelation)

photoshopped image
A modified photo often has digital distortion. This photo distortion can either be in the form of pixelation or just imperfect coloring, and this can be a good indicator of the photo’s validity. Signs of digital distortion are easier noticed on small and medium-sized photographs than on larger ones.

3. Shifting Light

photoshopped image

Another way to spot a doctored photograph is by examining the way light interacts with the photo objects. This is usually true if shadows and highlights appear to violate the laws of physics. This is most common when a subject has been removed or added to a photo. A common mistake to look at would be an object that doesn’t cast a shadow or has it lights coming from a different direction.

4. Google Reverse Image Search

photoshopped image

A photoshopped image can also be validated by using a reverse image search. To do this, open Google Image Search. Drag and drop the photo unto the search bar to bring related images of the photograph. In the case of a photo that has been altered, this can show up the original image alongside similar ones and you will be able to tell if the photo has been manipulated.

5. Use Web Forensic Tools

photoshopped image
If with the listed above ways, you still couldn’t tell if a photo was manipulated. Then, you will have to make use of a web photo forensic tool which will come in handy. You can use FotoForensics, to check for a photo validation. This photo forensic tool will help you to detect a more difficult to tell photoshopped image. And also give you more by letting you know where the manipulation was done.

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