3 Painless Ways a Small Business Can Make Tech Upgrades More Affordable

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Do you think tech is important for your small business? If you answered with anything but “yes,” you may want to re-think your priorities. That’s because tech is essential for businesses of all sizes and types, and there are some tech tools that you simply cannot afford to be without. Wondering how to afford the tech you need? These budget-boosting tips could help.

Search Online for Tech Store Promos and Savings

If you’re thinking about upgrading your small business tech, then you should start by shopping online with big-name tech retailers. With retailers like Best Buy, small business owners can find some of the lowest prices available on latest equipment, software, and services. For instance, according to Rakuten’s Best Buy shopping guide. You can save on purchases by checking out special deals offered via pre-owned items. And also from Best Buy outlet offers, and the Best Buy app.

Another way to save on tech needs is to sign up for the My Best Buy credit card. With a Best Buy credit card, small business owners can take advantage of even lower prices and exclusive discounts on their tech needs.

Keep in mind, however, that there are two different cards that Best Buy offers, so you should weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding which one will provide the most savings and benefits. With an in-store Best Buy credit card, you can earn points that can help you save on future tech purchases, but with the Best Buy Visa credit card, you can earn points on everyday purchases

Look into Business Credit Cards with Rewards

If you do not shop at Best Buy very often, you should also know that there are other business rewards credit cards that you can consider. As long as you use these business reward cards wisely, they can make affording the latest tech for your business much less of a financial hassle.

Plus, you will earn points and cash back on all of your business purchases. If you travel frequently for business, then you can also research travel reward cards. Many airlines partner with credit card companies to provide special incentives, discounts, and travel rewards for credit card customers.

For example, American Express cardholders can score free food, beverages, and other perks from special airport lounges. Whether you choose a travel rewards card or one that provides other perks, you can put the savings from your small business credit card toward upgraded business tech. Want to boost your tech saving even more? You can do so by combining your rewards credit card with promo codes and cashback offers from Rakuten.

Research Low-Interest Loans and Small Business Grants

Credit cards can be a simple and rewarding way to finance the new tech you need to grow your small business. If you would rather not apply for a new credit card, however, you may be able to use small business loans to make new tech more attainable.

An SBA loan is often a top choice for both business owners and lenders, since these guaranteed loans can reduce risks for both parties but there may be more paperwork involved to get approved for an SBA loan. So it can be helpful to understand alternative lending options and conventional loans for small businesses.

Before you take out a small business loan for business-boosting tech, you need to balance out your budget to ensure that you will be able to afford the monthly payments. If loan or credit card payments both feel out of reach right now, researching small business grants may be a better use of your time.

If your business is a non-profit, qualifying for grants may be easier. But veterans, immigrants, and women may also be eligible for special small business grants.

Small business tech success

From websites to payment systems, the latest tech can not only fuel your success. It can nonetheless, potentially make or break your business. So, don’t let fears about cost and return on investment keep you from getting new tech. These are essential needs for your small business to stay relevant. Because having that tech could also be what keeps you in business.

On a last note, due to the COVID-19 epidemic effect on the global economy, here are the best small business loans of 2020 to boost your business.

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